Painting pictures with words.


In my spare time I occasionally like to put down poetry or songs, writing for pleasure as a creative outlet. 

Amongst its many attractions London boasts a thriving poetry scene where anyone can get up on a stage and find an accepting audience. Whether at Farrago, Chill Pill, Paper Tiger, OneTaste or Covent Garden's Poetry cafe, there is a vulnerability about poetry that creates a nurturing atmosphere of respect and unity. Involvement in this scene introduced me to spoken word which led to experimenting with freer, less regimented, forms of verse. Farrago Poetry is the longest-running spoken word night in Europe and was the first poetry night I discovered. The London poetry scene has gained increasing recognition in recent years and the National Poetry Slam Championships now take place in the Royal Albert Hall no less.

My attitude towards Art is that its appreciation should not belong to an isolated elitist sphere but be something that connects people and fosters human solidarity - the heart-felt expression of one person that another can share through appreciation of that work of art, whether through writing, painting or music, across centuries and across human backgrounds.

This site is merely a forum to put my poems out there and share something personal with whoever cares to have a read.