Guitar teaching

If you have always wanted to learn the guitar I offer enthusiastic, relaxed lessons aimed at supporting you in learning what YOU want to learn.  You can try just the one lesson to see if it's right for you and, if you wish to continue, then have regular lessons or just a lesson once in a while. Lessons usually take place at my flat near Brixton and are £25/ hour. I always feel one hour lessons are more worthwhile but if you prefer just a half hour I am happy to teach you for a shorter session. I enjoy teaching both children and adults.

Please contact if you have any questions.

My background

I started playing guitar when I was 14 and quickly realised how much I enjoyed playing and singing songs both on my own and with friends. I started performing my own songs at University and continued when I moved to London playing at a range of venues including Paradise Bar in Kensal Rise, The Bedford in Balham, Notting Hill Blag Club, Hoxton Underbelly, Monto Water Rats and The Troubadour. My favourite gig was supporting Emily and the Woods at Nambuca. I really enjoy teaching and the chance to share some of my enthusiasm for music.

Some testimonials from past pupils:

"While living in London, I had the fortune of being a guitar student of Hermione. Hermione's patient guidance was exceptional. What I loved most about Hermione, was her flexibility. Hermione helped to find songs that I loved, and found ways to adapt them to my learning. The process of learning a new instrument, is similar to learning a new language and it can be frustrating at times. Hermione created an environment that helped to put my frustrations at ease. I highly recommend Hermione as a musical instructor for future students!"   Kristen  

"Guitar lessons with Hermione were a fantastic experience that gave me the confidence, skills and love of guitar I needed to learn  as an adult. As a testament, I'm still playing five years later! Hermione is a warm, kind person who would put even the most nervous learner at ease. Her passion for music is wonderfully infectious and shines through every one of her lessons. Definitely recommend her as a teacher!"   Louise

"I absolutely loved having lessons with Hermione. The teacher I had at school was stiff and boring and didn't pay much attention to what I wanted to learn. Hermione was a lot of fun and made it manageable. I learnt Stairway to Heaven, Plug in Baby and Dire Straits when I was 12 and loved all of it. Hermione still made sure my chords etc were properly practiced and I liked having targets that she set. I still play and still love it, though probably not as much as I should."   Freddie