iambic pentameter + 12 x lines alternate rhyme + 2 x lines rhyming couplet = sonnet

 (Photo: Poems in the trees at Thou Art Festival)

All rivals pale to nought in thy compare,
No other can so blissfully fulfill, 
That spark of kindred spirit found so rare
Glows strong within my heart embedded still. 
Sweet memories of our time delight my thought, 
Though now our love takes on Platonic form. 
Calm reason won, its lessons by love taught, 
Peace found, my tired heart no longer torn. 
But reason bound I fly to you in dreams, 
To your arms drawn and tenderly embrac'd, 
My very soul ignites, my passion streams, 
Yet gently held, your touch with softness laced. 

Though in such realms we can no longer meet, 
In mind we still feel one another's heat. 


What need have I to mourn love’s painful risks
When in you can I find all love and trust,
Beckoning me from off my feet it whisks,
Then shatters hope and crumbles all to dust.
Your friendship is a strong and sturdy ship
In whose hull I could rest and sleep through storms,
A safe haven that doesn’t rock and tip,
Where lurks no dreaded fear of love’s cruel thorns.
Though when in lesser boats off do I sail,
And end ship-wrecked, by love’s anguish bitten,
There stand you offering shelter from the gail
The more fool I for trusting to love smitt’n.

While still I seek true love, though pain it brings,
I hold the joy which from our friendship springs.