18th January 2018

The happy sight of an old friend (near London Bridge)
Strangers laughing at the bar
A big smile and a wave
Hugs, hugs, hugs that warm the cockles of your soul !
Calimari, meatballs and sweet potato shared
Cheers to then, and cheers to now - 
The hard times, the great times!

Then a stroll along the familiar Thames, arm in arm
An illuminated St Paul's, still standing
Its grand image mirrored on the glimmering river's surface
Blue and white lights linger from Christmas
Gabriel's Wharf - the enticing smell of gourmet pizza (though we've had our fill)
A triangular corridor of flickering neon -
The latest Bankside installation
We wander through against the crowd
The sound of the stones as we pass BFI -
A shared grin and a head bang.

As we approach Waterloo more sounds announced
A solo drummer flicks his sticks with skill and ease
Crowds march by to their trains
We stand and listen
Until he too goes home.
It's been too long,
Until next time, my friend.