21st January 2018


Umbrellas and hooded raincoats stand up for justice near Downing Street
Voices unite under a shower of sleet
Calling, hoping, stamping for a more tolerant world
Sharpie letters emboldened on sticks declare,
'Men of quality do not fear equality!'
Toes wiggle against the sharpening cold.

A wet dash for the tube towards the promise of relative warmth beyond the barriers
Once home, a boiling pot of loose leaf tea is poured out
Hot mugs clutched and sipped eagerly
Socks laid to dry on the radiator, while feet are tucked under rugs
Lamb joint pricked with rosemary sprigs and garlic spikes fills the room with roast aroma
Perfect roast potatoes offered round to fill the hungry wait
Taken between fingers, gentle crunch, fluffy centre,
Warm as my heart.