Summer Storms

Draped late at night on my bed with a restless feeling in my legs
whilst through the open window pane I hear the dance of summer rain
then peels a grumbling thunder clap and I wake out of my daydream – snap!
pitter patter smitter smatter – speckling my curtains with water dots,
jewelling my sill with summer drops -
what am I doing still inside instead of standing under a sky where splashing sprinkling showers collide? 

The heavens tears are growing heavy as I step out of my door – woah, steady!  My foot nearly slips, the doorstep’s slithering with all the drips,
the front steps form a small waterfall as I flick off my flip flops by the door
and venture out into the soaking night as it bolts a brilliant blue-ish flare of light,
and down the steps I try not to stumble as the heavens release another low rumble
and stepping out into the street amidst the stifling summer heat
feeling underneath my feet the smooth warm touch of wet concrete,
water trickling round my toes as hastening down the street it flows –
gushing rushing flushing, pouring spouting in a speeding urban river
sounding resounding pounding – music to my ears, washing the pavement clear.

I pass a fella clutching an umbrella who looks at me like I’m insane
but I don’t care for his odd stare I’m revelling in the rapture of the rain.

under the boughs of trees that line the street I hear it pound the leaves – soft beat,
brushing the branches, bathing their fingers, in the air the smell of fresh green lingers.

orange light and a black car washes past – against my legs I feel the blast
of a disrupted puddle spattered, cast aside under wet tyres,
and my skin with nature’s rain perspires, but it really doesn’t bother me –
I’m already as wet as I can be – if I jumped in Hampstead pond right now I couldn’t be more drenched anyhow…

And now, paddling back up the road, still feeling the dribbling droplets flow
I reluctantly return to my door, my flip flops still where I left them before
and glancing at the sky once more I return to the land of dry indoors …
and washing the grit from off my feet I prepare for the realms of sleep ..
from now until the sunrise dawns, I’ll dream of the joys of summer storms.